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The hardest time was one day when I came home from school and I had been calling Keiran ever since he hadn’t shown up for fifth period. For the entire day, he had been acting strange, but surprisingly more affectionate, as if it would be the last time we were together. I walked through the door after school in time to see Aunt Carissa knee Keiran in the balls. He fell to his knees and groaned in pain, but thankfully, didn’t retaliate. After everything, it would kill me to let him go.

I rushed forward but didn’t know who actually needed help. I just prayed Keiran didn’t try to hurt my aunt.

As it turned out, Keiran told her everything starting with the day he pushed me at the playground. The only part he was smart enough to keep secret was the six weeks he blackmailed me into being his sexual slave. I had no doubt she would have done more than knee him if he had.

It took a lot of work and groveling on both of our parts, but we were both finally able to earn our way back into her good graces. The hardest part of it all was living with her disappointment and hurt.

Jackson had also stuck around after Mario was arrested. They eventually confirmed what my gut was telling me. Aunt Carissa had fallen in love. I was sad I had missed the romance but was too happy for them to let it bother me for long. I was just glad she had finally found someone.

Mario and Arthur’s trial was set to begin in two weeks, and the detectives were sure that they would be convicted… as long as Keiran, Quentin, and Diana all testified to more than just what happened at the gym. They would have to testify to everything.

Diana was still around. She was actually the cause of our first argument as a couple. I found out she was still staying with Keiran even after her father was arrested. According to him, she helped bring him down and was no longer trying to seduce him, but it was the principle.

So what did he do?

He convinced my aunt she was practically an orphan and had nowhere to go.

And what did my aunt do?

She moved her in.

It was hard at first when she found out Diana was Mario’s daughter, but when she shared her story, it warmed my aunt up to her. I had to admit, it warmed me up to her, too.

Sheldon still couldn’t stand her.

Diana and I weren’t exactly BFFs, but we got along. She was actually part of the reason for today’s classroom session. Keiran had been working overtime kissing my aunt’s ass. He had refused to touch me again until I was out of her house. She took me shopping and suggested a red, low-cut dress that flirted around the edge of decency. My reluctance was the reason she was adamant I wear it and shamefully, it worked like a charm. Not only did everyone in the school, girls and guys, drool, but Keiran about lost it when he saw me.

I made him break his oath and now he was all grumpy.

We pulled up to my house and Keiran cut the engine before coming around to open my door. He was testing his ability to be a gentleman, and I have to say, I loved it just as much as his rough edges.

“Make it quick,” he ordered. “You have a test next period.”

See? Rough edges.

“You know we wouldn’t be here if you weren’t so stubborn. If you hadn’t stopped touching me, I wouldn’t have had to resort to drastic measures.”

“I’m not in the mood, Monroe.”

I chewed on my bottom lip to keep from saying something sarcastic. I hated when he called me Monroe and he knew it. I could see the smirk forming on his lips.

I fisted his dark gray shirt in my hands and stepped closer until my lips rested right under his. He moved forward to kiss me, but I dodged his lips and smiled sweetly.

“You know… you get to see me in a dress again tonight. Are you prepared to stake your claim and perform your boyfriend duties?”

“Or we can just skip it, and I can perform my duties all night—no interruptions.”

I smiled and let him kiss me before pushing him back and catching him by surprise. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you. Maybe I’ll make you wait.”


“Don’t forget your suit after school, Masters!” I skipped into the house to change my clothes leaving him standing in the driveway with a hard dick.

* * *

Prom night. Every girl thought about the day of her prom. It was the second best night next to her wedding night.

I was the exception to little girl dreams because I always had the intention of skipping this night. I expected nothing good to come out of it. Not if Keiran was there.

So why was I standing here—showered, shaved, primped, and ready? Well, almost ready. I looked over at the beautiful, turquoise dress hanging on the back of Sheldon’s door.

The white bodice of the dress was strapless with a heart shaped neckline that would push up my breasts. The turquoise faux pearls decorated the top in a mass of swirls and trails. The bodice tapered at the waist and led into the princess skirt that reminded me of a tutu. It stopped just above my knees and twirled when I moved.

I could still remember the way Keiran’s eyes darkened when I emerged from the dressing room to model for him. I thought I’d succeeded in making him speechless—until he’d said, I need you now.

I’m glad we both loved the dress because after we’d christened the dress in the dressing room, we had no choice but to buy it. After the mind-blowing, sneaky, dressing room sex, we spent almost an hour arguing at the cash register. The first argument was who was going to pay. He won that argument, but when the sales associate announced the total price, it sparked the second argument.

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