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I thought he would touch me, but I should have known better. The instant the vibrator touched my lower back I jerked in surprise and let out a nervous laugh. “I don’t think that’s where it goes.” With my hands tied behind my back, I was more vulnerable and out of sorts. I guess I should have been thankful I wasn’t blindfolded.

“And where should it go?” he asked quietly, but there was a hard edge, too. The vibrator slipped around my side to my lower stomach, making butterflies erupt. I turned my head to see his face. “Eyes forward…” The sharp command had me snapping back obediently to my annoyance. “…or I’ll have to blindfold you.”

“Yes, sir,” I mocked. I would have saluted if my hands weren’t bound.

The vibrator left my skin when his hand lifted. I stared down at in shock when it appeared leveled with my lips.

“Natural lubrication to the artificial kind? No contest. Suck it.”

When he pressed the vibrating length against my lips, I obeyed without a second thought. I felt the vibration against my tongue as I licked and sucked around the head of it.

“All of it,” he ordered.

My mouth opened wider to slide lower and closed my eyes pretending it was him.

Just as I had the vision of him bare for me as I pleasured him with my mouth, he pulled away.

“Monroe, I’m waiting.”

“I, uh…”

“Suddenly at a loss for words?”

You have no idea. “Keiran… don’t tease. Touch me.”


“Where you own me,” I coyly answered.

“Fuck. You don’t play fair, do you?”

“No more than you.”

The tip of the vibrator teased my entrance causing me to jerk forward and then arch my back. It was a shock to my senses and completely caught me off guard.

“With you, Monroe, I’ll never be fair.”

He slid the vibrator slowly along my slit. Teasing and taunting. Pushing and pulling. My moans were becoming uninhibited, so he pushed my head into the pillow and ordered me to bite. Muffled, I let my need take over as I moaned and wailed into the pillow. “There was something you were saying to me. Repeat yourself, baby.”

“Wha—huh?” How could he expect me to speak much less form a coherent thought when he teased me so?

“I believe you said you wanted to date?” The vibration reached my clit, and I bit into the pillow harder as trembles instantly wracked my body and wreaked havoc with my senses. The sound of a condom wrapper tearing was in the distance as I tried to catch my breath. My orgasm had been swift, but I knew this was far from over. Keiran had a point to prove, and I was eager to see it through.

“Tsk. Tsk. Consider that the last one you get without permission.”

Chapter Thirteen


Who the hell does she think she is? I was smart enough to know she baited me into a trap, but I didn’t have enough control to resist. Jokes on her anyway. Didn’t she know what the thought of seeing her with someone else would do to me?

A visual of someone else with his hands and lips on her¸ touching and tasting her, invaded my mind, pushing and tugging at the black hole where my heart should have been. There was no way as long as I was breathing someone would ever get their hands on her. I would mark her, fill her up, and ruin her so no one would ever stand the chance of having her.

I snapped.

I waited only the second it took to check her readiness before pulling out my cock and slipping on a condom. Her ass was still raised for my access. I gave it a hard slap, satisfied at the handprint left behind and plunged into her.

I didn’t stop taking.

I didn’t give her time to adjust.

I drove into her pliant body over and over, racing to slate my lust and anger.

If only she didn’t feel so damn good, I could punish her without letting my desire take over my intentions. This wasn’t for pleasure. This was to own. I needed to make her feel my ownership.

“Tell me,” I urged again. “Tell me again how you plan to let another guy fuck you.”

“Keiran,” she stuttered and gasped. She tried to turn and face me, but I quickly wrapped a restraining hand around the back of her neck to keep her in place while I continued to take her pussy.

“You are going to lose this war you’re trying to wage against me, Monroe. One orgasm at a time.”

“Keiran, please.” Her moans were full of pain and the need to come. She wanted the permission. She wanted me to ease her and make her come, but she knew better than that. First, I needed to have my way. I needed to make her beg for it.

“Please, what?” I leaned over to rest my chest against her back. “Fuck you?” I shoved my cock into her harder. Her squeal of painful pleasure was music to my ears. “Nice and slow was it?”

“It was just… Oh, God… a joke.”

I kissed down her back slowly without letting up on my possession of her. “So who’s joking now?” I whispered hot against her skin.

She shook her head and moaned, “I didn’t mean it.”

“Shame… because I mean this.” I shoved her body flat on the mattress and proceeded to pound into her without interruption. I clamped a hand over her mouth to muffle her screams. It was good her aunt’s room was at the other end of the hall.

On my fifth or six thrust, her pussy clenched around my cock, locking me inside her, and I stilled to enjoy the sensation of her coming on my cock… even if it was without permission. When it became too much to hold back, I gripped her hips and tried to bury my cock as deep into her as possible while at the same time, burying the feelings she was intent on drawing out of me. My release was violent in its intensity. At any moment, I expected to combust into flames as her greedy pussy sucked at my cock, milking my release. I bit my lip to keep from moaning like a bitch. The last thing I needed was for her to realize the effect she had on me. Her body alone was to die for.

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