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I stayed on top of her longer than necessary but taking care not to crush her. I guess you could say my plan to own her backfired. Even though I was the one doing the fucking, in the end, I was the one who felt well and truly fucked—and not just in the physical sense. What is she doing to me?

After I caught my breath, I stood up from the bed and pulled on my jeans and shirt. Once decent, I stared down at her. She seemed to be out of it because she didn’t stir once. I knew she could feel when I watched her. It was another connection I had yet to understand. I quickly looked her over before determining she was just exhausted and then slipped from the room. I was mindful of the creaky spots in the floorboards as I made my way down the hall. Unfortunately, the bathroom was closer to her aunt’s bedroom so I had to be careful not to make unnecessary noise.

Once inside, I quickly ran a cloth under warm water and then headed back to Monroe. I felt like a lovesick puppy not wanting to be away from her for too long. I decided it was okay for me to admit whatever it was I felt for her, but it was something I would never let her know. It was too dangerous, and she didn’t deserve to be stuck with someone like me who was incapable of love.

Her breathing was still even when I returned and I smiled. I wouldn’t deny my male ego was through the roof. My smile dropped, however, when I moved closer and saw the bruising of her skin on her hips where I had gripped her. Shit. Did I go too far? Was she seriously hurt?

When I fucked her, I didn’t care if I hurt her or how much I pushed her—my only concern was to make her feel me the only way I needed her to feel me. But after, it never failed to make me feel like shit, and so I would immediately leave her so she wouldn’t see the turmoil within me.

With light touches so not to disturb her, I quickly checked her over and determined I hadn’t caused any damage, though I wouldn’t know for sure until she woke. Gently spreading her legs, I took the warm cloth and cleaned her up. It didn’t escape me that this was the first time I ever took the time to care for her after. With her being asleep, it was easier for me. Otherwise, Monroe would see right through me, and I couldn’t let that happen.

A low moan passed through her sweet lips as I finished cleaning her. I couldn’t resist slipping a finger inside her while leaning down to kiss her lips. When she finally opened her eyes, I was the first thing she saw and fuck if that didn’t make me hard. It was something I could easily get used to until I craved it.

Words were meaningless and unnecessary. My clothes were shed and I was sliding back inside her heat. This time, instead of the normal pounding, I moved inside her slowly, testing the waters. I couldn’t resist slipping deeper inside, causing her to moan from my possession.


“If you ever let another man touch you, I will kill you on the spot. Are we clear?”

“Your crazy has no limits,” she groaned.

“Only when it’s you.” I felt her body soften while I bit back a curse. Why hadn’t I known I would say that?

“Are…” She hesitated. Uncertainty plagued her eyes as she stared up at me with too trusting eyes, her body moving with me. “Are we making love now?”


The self-satisfied smirk plastered on her face was beautiful. Instead of recoiling, I found myself wanting to capture this moment. The look in her eyes. The smell and feel of her skin. The sound of her soft moans.

She was everything.

I needed to stop this shit. If I weren’t careful, the little bitch would have her way. I moved to separate our bodies, already mourning the expected loss, but she must have sensed it because her legs locked around my waist.

“Don’t,” she demanded. “Don’t do it. Don’t run.”

“What makes you think I’m the one who needs to run?”

“Because I’m not afraid anymore and that scares you. I’m—” My finger slipping inside her mouth shut her up.

“Suck me,” I ordered harsher than I had intended.

Her eyes closed as she obeyed. Her lips closed around my finger, taking it deep and my dick hardened even more inside her. Together, we rocked each other to completion.

* * *


I was being led somewhere. They were always taking me to places where they made me do bad things. Each time I wanted to say no but knew if I ever did, they would hurt me and not let me eat for a long time.

As I followed behind them with my hands tied, I wondered who they would make me do bad stuff to today. For two years, this had been my routine. I go where they take me and do what they tell me to do.

It was always the same.

So why did this time feel different?

They didn’t blindfold me like normal, and when we stopped outside a room, I knew why. We weren’t leaving the compound.

The door opened to a room I’d never seen before, and the first thing I noticed were all the bright lights. And the cameras. There were at least three, which was strange for a normal sized room.

What is happening?”

I looked around the room curiously, forgetting my training. We were never allowed to speak or to look anywhere but straight ahead when training. The room was empty except for the lights, cameras, and in the center of the room was large bed, and it was then I noticed the tiny form lying in the center of it.

I squinted through the bright lights, and as my eyes adjusted, recognition followed.


What is she doing here, and where are her clothes? She was completely naked without even a blanket to cover her. I didn’t understand why, but I knew it was wrong. She shouldn’t be here. These men shouldn’t be here.

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