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“I like to do much more than make her beg.” I briefly glanced at her in the passenger seat and caught her leaning forward with anticipation. “I like to make her cry so I can lick her fucking tears. I like to make her hurt so I can hear her scream. And most importantly, I like to make her want more.”

The lust building in Diana’s eyes was unmistakable.

“Something tells me she’s inside your head just as much as you are in hers. I’d like to meet this girl.”

“She’s not in my head and that’s not going to happen.”

“Yes, it most certainly is. Before you started speaking about her, there wasn’t as much as a flicker…” she used her fingers to emphasize… “of life in your eyes. I think I might be jealous.”

“Brunettes aren’t my type anymore.”

“It’s quite all right. Maybe I’ll dye my hair and figure out another way to get in your head as well. This could be fun.”

“You wouldn’t do well as a blonde.”

“Oh, so she’s blonde?”

I spit out a curse and scowled at her. “You’re annoying me, Diana.”

“It’s just Di, so call me that. I hate Diana.” The conviction in her voice made me pause.

“Your father calls you Diana.”

“My father doesn’t listen to much if it doesn’t have to do with money.”

My attention zeroed in the comment about her father, but I didn’t let on that I was interested. “Why would you say that?”

“Sorry, super spy. That conversation is more suited for a fifth date, and I just met you.”

“Yet you were salivating over my dick moments ago.”

“So what do you say we trade? A fuck for an answer?”

“What makes you think I’m that interested?”

“Oh, you are. Something tells me you and my father didn’t meet over coffee. So are you in business with him? You’re kind of young.”

“How old are you?” I asked, dodging her question.

“I’ll be twenty-one in a few months.”

“Where is your mother?”

“Strung out somewhere… I haven’t seen her since I was eleven.”

“So what really happened to make your father feel the need to relocate you?”

“What makes you think something happened? My father has always been cautious.”

I pulled into my driveway and put the car in park before turning my full attention on her.

“Don’t insult my fucking intelligence. What. Happened?”

“Are you this bossy with everyone?”

“I’m less than three seconds from sending your head through the windshield.”

She studied me for a few moments, gauging my sincerity before releasing a long breath and running her fingers through her hair. “One of my father’s men tried to kill me. I don’t know why, but he almost succeeded.”

“What did your father do?”

“What do you think he did? He killed him.”

“And you’re okay with that?” I lifted my brow at the nonchalant way she admitted her father had committed murder. How close did he raise her to his business?

“He tried to kill me. I’m not exactly expected to cry over his casket. It’s just crazy, you know? He’s worked for my father for years. It doesn’t make sense, but I’m guessing it was over money.”

“That would be the easy explanation.” I sent her a look to let her know I wasn’t buying. I already figured her father warned her to watch what she said. Mario trusted me as little as I trusted him.

“It’s a valid explanation. The men who work for my father are always harping about more money. He pays them less than the price of shit.”

“How would you know that?”

“I’m under close guard every day of my life. The men talk.” I let my hard gaze bore into hers until she shifted and looked around. Her gaze focused on my house and she said, “You have a nice home.”

“It’s a house, not a home.”

“People do say there’s a difference, don’t they?”

I shrugged and exited the car. She silently followed after me to the house, but when we reached the door, I stopped and turned to face her. “I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that if you try anything, I will not hesitate to cut your throat open.” She didn’t as much as blink at my threat, and again, I wondered how close her father kept her to his business. I still had yet to figure out what it was about her.

“Wow. Are all teenage boys as intimidating and violent as you?”

“I’m not a boy, and there is no one like me.

“Cocky much?”

I didn’t try to stop the smirk that appeared on my face. “It comes with the territory.”

“I’d like to tread in that territory.” She slid her hands slowly up my chest as she leaned into me with a secretive grin and a gleam in her eye meant to seduce. I placed my hands firmly on her hips and flashed a panty-dropping smile. I would have liked nothing more than to see her on her back in the bushes than in my bed. My chance to humor myself was lost when an irritated growl interrupted.

“Oh, for fuck sake. It’s Anya reincarnated.”

Our heads snapped simultaneously to Sheldon and Dash standing in my driveway with astonished expressions… well… Sheldon looked more pissed as she glared at Diana.

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